This is a very popular restaurant with a truly unique blend or Japanese & French cuisines.

The menu is well thought out with enough variation to satisfy even the most fastidious.

The prices are by Japanese standards, extremely reasonable.

Vegetarian selections are available.

Imported Wines, Whisky, Bourbon, Beer, &Sake are also available.

There is service fee10% and taxs10%.

We always welcome foreigners who cannot speak Japanese.

We also have an English menu and it will help you.

Please feel free to drop in "Eau de Vie".

■Open:12:00 pm close:around 1:00am

■Open Monday & Tuesday from 17:30-

■Closed irregularly.

Restaurant & Bar "Eau de Vie"

先斗町 Restaurant & Bar オードビー

京都先斗町にあるレストランバー 〈Eau de Vie オードビー〉です。 和のエッセンスを効かせた欧風創作料理を提供しています。